Security Policy of Stylish Gift Decor

Thank you for choosing Stylish Gift Decor.


We make it our utmost priority to ensure that your privacy and security is respected during visits to our website and during purchases that involve completed transactions. Any and all information procured from our customers, including but not limited to name, email address, mailing address, phone number and payment details are kept secure and confidential at all times.


Your information is used for order fulfillment, billing and shipping purposes only. We do not sell your details to third parties, nor do we share it with anyone outside of those involved in delivering your chosen product or products. Under no circumstances will we ever seek to profit from your information, by selling it to outside organizations.


When placing an order through the Stylish Gift Decor website, customers use a secured SSL service where any collected information is kept totally private by our company. Credit card and payment transactions are protected exclusively using SSL encryption, which further increases the safety of the website. Please note that we do not record or keep your payment details - these are handled by our secure merchant provider, who is in the business of safeguarding your data, providing the most secure and reliable payment processing services available, and bringing the most up to date security measures, technologies and processes. 


Stylish Gift Decor is PCI Compliant.


PCI compliance refers to the security standards set forward by the Payment Card Industry council. We comply with all of their standards to ensure that our payment system is 100% in agreement with their expectations.


The PCI Security council sets forward a series of steps for merchants and vendors to follow in the interest of protecting their customers and any associated banks. We follow these steps meticulously, and ensure that your safety is always at the forefront of our business.

The PCI step process includes assessing preexisting systems, remediating and fixing any existing problems, as well as reporting key information to banks and card brands.


We take an active involvement in security, and ensure that we are regularly up to date with any safety procedures or attainable softwares that are feasible and applicable to our company.


We at Stylish Gift Decor do require certain pieces of information from you in order to process your oder. Online purchases require your personal details to be inputted into a secured server, including your name, addresses and payment details. This is standard procedure for most if not all online retailers, and your information will always be handled delicately and securely.


Stylish Gift Decor understands the value of data protection and works extremely hard to provide it to customers. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that your data will be protected in the event of highly unlikely situations, such as legal requirements including local, state and federal laws, as well as international laws governed by foreign bodies. An example of such a scenario would be the legal obligation by a judge to relinquish our rights to your data.


Stylish Gift Decor values your wellbeing and puts a huge emphasis on customer service. If you have any concerns surrounding your privacy, security and/or your data, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Stylish Gift Decor can be contacted via telephone on: (+1) 877-883-6751 or through the contact form available online.


Please be aware that by contacting us, you are submitting limited information involving your phone number and computer details.


We value your satisfaction and work hard to ensure that it is the priority of everyone involved with our business. We have certain standards expected to be upheld by all those involved with our company, including our product designers and our shipping and delivery providers. All those involved in providing services to our customers are expected to comply with our, and by extension your, expectations surrounding data and security.


We at Stylish Gift Decor welcome any comments or concerngs surrounding your security and privacy. Please direct your comments to our customer service team, either via email, phone or our online contact form. We will respond quickly, and seek to address your queries as extensively as possible.


We are acutely aware of developing technology in the industry and we are committed to remaining current with the latest security systems. Please note that this policy is subject to change without notice, particularly if legal parameters surrounding data protection change or if new measures are implemented by outside bodies.


Stylish Gift Decor is committed to providing you with a safe and enjoyable shopping experience. Any data that is saved is stored with care and total security. We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and placing your orders with the knowledge that your information is kept safe and protected.


This policy covers all purchases and visits made by customers using our website.