Terms and Conditions of Stylish Gift Decor



Specific, legal terms used throughout this policy are defined as follows:


Seller: refers to the owner of company Stylish Gift Decor, and website StylishGiftDecor.com.

Buyer: denotes the individual or organization placing an order on the website StylishGiftDecor.com.

Goods or services: refers to the product(s) purchased by the buyer from the seller. In this instance, the terms ‘goods’ and ‘services’ are in reference to an exchange of goods for money.




A form of payment is required to all complete orders.  This payment is expected at the time of buyer placing an order on the seller’s website. Please note that if payment is not received, or if the payment method is not accepted, then the order will not be placed and the shipping process will not begin.


The buyer forfeits the potential ownership of any items due to the lack of payment, and we reserve the right to immediately re-list all saved items for resale.


Stylish Gift Decor may accommodate exceptional circumstances. All decisions are made on an individual basis, and will not set a precedent.


Exceptional circumstances may involve a written agreement between a buyer and seller, wherein the buyer commits to provide payment for any completed orders at a later date. This is subject to a formal binding agreement, pre-approved in writing by seller beforehand.


Only the seller is able to approve any exceptions that contradict Stylish Gift Decor’s policies.



Shipping Policies:


Shipping rates are calculated and paid for at the time of purchase.

The seller will offer full refunds to customers who do not receive their order, on account of an item being lost during delivery. Shipping rates will also be refunded in this instance.

The seller does not assume responsibility for any items damaged during delivery. Stylish Gift Decor is unable to ensure that shipments are properly handled by postal services. However, all reasonable precautions will be taken prior to shipment, in an effort to ensure that orders are adequately protected from loss, damage or willful destruction.

The seller reserves the right to implement higher rates for international shipping or rush orders.

Our Shipping Policy is available in full online.

Buyers can find more detailed information surrounding the shipment of their products on our Shipping Policy Page.


Refund and Return Policy:


Buyers reserve the right to request a refund or return, provided they notify the seller within 14 days of initial purchase.

In order to notify the seller, customers must contact Stylish Gift Decor using the email: contactus@stylishgiftdecor.com or by calling (+1) 877-883-6571.  


Please note that not all merchandise is returnable, and that the seller reserves the right to refuse a refund.


Stylish Gift Decor accepts no responsibility for the shipping charges resulting from returning an item; these charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

The condition and costs of returned merchandise is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Please consult our detailed Return Policy for further information.




The seller reserves the right to cancel an order, up until the payment for said order has been fully processed.


The seller reserves the right to refuse any order the buyer places with us, and return any payment received from buyer for the refused order.


Processed orders are the responsibility of the buyer, who willfully paid for their items.  Any customer that wishes to cancel an order will need to contact the seller immediately, or as soon as possible.


When contacting Stylish Gift Decor, please include the relevant order number and a reason for your cancellation.


We will do our best to cancel your item, providing your order has not been processed and payment is not completed.


You may also wish to consult our Return policy for further information on cancellations, final sale items, etc.


Complaints and dispute resolution:


As a buyer, you reserve the right to contact us with any queries or complaints you may have concerning our business.

Please not that customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we seek to provide a seamless shopping experience to all of our guests.


Any concerns or complaints about your order or your experience with our online gift store should be submitted to our customer support team, who will actively seek to address them.


Buyers who wish to submit a written complain, can do so by emailing: contactus@ stylishgiftdecor.com. Alternatively, customers may phone our customer support line at (+1) 877-883-6571. 


The seller will evaluate complaints on a case to case basis, and actively seek to resolve them. Stylish Gift Decor believes it is in the best interest of the buyer and the seller to resolve any disputes quickly, to the mutual interest of both parties.  Seller will work with buyer to address any customer complaints.




Once products are delivered, the buyer assumes all responsibility for the items, as well as for their personal health and safety while using the item.  If any damages or loss are incurred from using the items purchased by the buyer, the seller shares no accountability, and is not liable from a legal standpoint.


Any dispute or problems that arise from the use of this website are subject to local and national laws.


These Billing Terms and Conditions may be revised by the seller at any time and without notice.  As such, the seller reserves the right to amend this policy without notifying buyer.


By actively using this website and placing an order, you, the byer, agree to these Billing Terms and Conditions.


Using the website is non-binding, and if you disagree with any of the terms listed in all of our policies, then we encourage you to please not use our website and to not place an order through our online store.


Completing an order is, however, binding. By offering payment, you formally agree to comply with the policies put forward by our company.


For any questions concerning your rights as a buyer, or our rights and responsibilities as a business, please contact us.