Decorative Acorns - Set of 2

Decorative Acorns - Set of 2

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Decorative Aluminum and Wood Acorns - Set of 2


These beautiful and highly unique Wood Acorns are a great accessory for the home.  They are will perfectly complement your your indoor and outdoor spaces. The Acorns combine the cute quaintness of nature, with the style and finesses of aluminum finishes, which provides a beautiful balance of textures for your garden.


Embrace the outdoors with these decorative Acorns, made from a considered combination of wood and aluminum. Each Acorn varies in size, with each set providing an acorn measuring either 7.5h x 5d inches or 10.5h x 6.75d in inches. This combination of sizes further adds to the versatility of the product, allowing you to place acorns in smaller corners of your home or gardens.



7.5-10.5"h x 5-6.75"d

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