Decorative Libby Spheres - Set of 3

Decorative Libby Spheres - Set of 3

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Decorative Libby Spheres - Set of 3


Many would say that consistency and continuity are the key to good decorating. This set of 3 decorative Libby Spheres provides an extensive array of beautiful, consistent spheres for homeowners to enjoy. Spheres can be used collectively, or individually, to provide designer-worthy decorations in the home.


Each sphere is uniquely crafted, and features blue and white stripes. Each one will add a beautiful aesthetic to any room. Say “Welcome home!” to new homeowners, with these beautiful and unique spheres. These accessories can also be used alongside, or inside, other decorations in order to create texture and versatility in a room.



Each sphere measures 4-5-6 h x 4-5-6 d in inches respectively.

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