Parisian Wall Clock with Pendulum

Parisian Wall Clock with Pendulum

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Bird Tabletop Clock
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Large Parisian Wall Clock with Pendulum


Bring Parisian style and a little history into your home with the Large Parisian Wall Clock with Pendulum. This beautifully antique clock features a ‘faux’ aged background, a set of antique looking hands and a selection of roman numerals. The name ‘Cafe Des Marguerites’ is also inscribed across the clock face, which gives the product a touch of authenticity and a sense of genuine antiquity.


The clock features a pendulum, and measures 23 inches in diameter. There is also a 1.5 inch border that surrounds the clock, and that helps make this product a sizable yet not too overwhelming addition to a room.



23"d x 1.75"

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