Mirrored Map Wall Décor - Set of 3

Mirrored Map Wall Décor - Set of 3

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Mirrored Map Wall Décor - Set of 3


Re-design your place in the world with the unique trio of wood framed antique map designs on mirror.  Maps are renowned for providing a classy, smart aesthetic to a room- which is why globes are such a popular feature in traditional homes and office spaces. While globes are large and bulky, however, this set of 3 Mirrored Map Wall Decors are subtle and subdued. They can provide the classiness of a globe, in a 2 dimensional format, that is easier to accommodate in smaller spaces.


Sweeped in nostalgia and hearty Americana, the mirrored map wall decor piece is the perfect gift for those who love to travel, or those in a working environment.  It provides an ideal decoration choice for a home or work office, thanks to its air of classiness and professionalism.



15.75-15.5"h x 15.75"-31.25"w

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