10 Interior Design Tricks To Transform Your Home with Lights!

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Interior designers often rely on artificial lighting to revolutionize a space, and their tips are coveted by homeowners worldwide. Thankfully, a number of industry professionals have recently revealed their suggestions, with interior designers now sharing the secrets to optimum lighting - and how you can use it to transform your home. Here we share with you their top 10 tricks, put forward by expert designers who are extremely well versed in the art of home lighting.


1. Consider space

When choosing your lights, consider your space availability. If you’re opting for a table lamp, and are redecorating a smaller room, then you should explore options with smaller shades and slimmer poles. This logic also applies to larger spaces, and other forms of lighting too, such as standing lamps. Our Carrera Oversized Table Lamp, for example, is an excellent choice that will help revolutionize larger spaces in need of filling. Its oversized, stone carvings inspired base and squared bell shade are large and eyes catching.



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2. Continue your theme

When purchasing your lamp, consider the overall theme of your house, or of the room you intend to place it in. For example, if you’ve opted for a rustic decor theme, then the Graham rustic table lamp is an excellent choice for you, as the fish base is in keeping with an aquatic theme. Lamps can be particularly noticeable, especially at night, so when choosing your lighting remember to continue your theme- in an effort to appear more uniform.


3. Assess shape

The shape of a lamp plays a key role in ensuring that your room doesn’t appear too cluttered, or ill considered. Interior designers would recommend that you contrast shapes, and use the occasional circle in a room with many angles and squares, in an attempt to break up the monotony. This is particularly relevant in kitchens or dining rooms, where the furniture is primarily angular, and round shapes can help soften the aesthetic. Our Stylish Ceramic Table Top Lamp with Ridges is a great option, for example, that will help add curves to a very rigid room.


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4. Consider repetition

When decorating a room, it’s easy to become repetitive, and use the same lighting throughout. However, opting to use the same lamp can prove very detrimental for a space, as it can lead to a room feeling cramped and dull. In the interest of transforming your home, you should opt for different lighting, throughout one single room. If you’re a more uniform person, then you could select different lighting that falls within a small design brief. For example, our Metal Resin Table Lamp and Metal Rope Pier Floor Lamp follow similar color schemes, but are both individual.


5. Evaluate your tastes

Your home is your space, so your tastes should play a significant role in the design. Prior to you choosing your lamp, consider your preferences, particularly if you feel that a more traditional lamp is better suited to you than a more modern design.


6. Think long term

In keeping with evaluating your tastes, however, should be the idea that your lamps will serve you for the coming years. It’s important that you assess whether the fixtures of your choosing will still be relevant in the next year, or even longer, so as to ensure that you’re building your home design for the long term. If you’re unsure, consider opting for lamps that incorporate elements of your own style and taste, in a more timeless manner. For example, if you prefer traditional lighting, our Classic Wooden Table Lamp provides an element of traditional with a modernized twist.


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7. Consider the finish

The finish of a lamp is particularly important, and the finish can often relate to the type of metal that the base is made from. More modern homes tend to benefit from cooler colors, such as silver and rose gold, whereas traditional homes often pair well with golds and bronzes.


8. Balance style

Interior designers recommend that when choosing your light, you balance the style. Our selection of lamps mostly fit this tip, as they all provide a careful balance of simple bases and ornate shades - or ornate bases and more muted shades.


9. Think decorative

If you have a very decorative room, then adding a highly decorative lamp can overwhelm a space, and create too much of an eclectic feel. Likewise, if you have a very simple room, then a basic lamp can seem dull and underwhelming. For this reason, it’s important to assess whether you’re in need of a decorative lamp (for example our decorative Glass and Metal Table lamp) or a more simplistic light (for example our Floor lamp with solid wood frame & metal construction).


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10. Prioritize color

Disregard everything you thought you knew about light, and consider this. What color light do you prefer? In many public spaces, lights can prove overwhelmingly harsh, more so than in other areas. White lights are typically cold and unforgiving, reserved for bathrooms and areas that don’t necessitate much ambience. When you’re choosing your lights, you may opt for white lights purely on a functional basis.

This can prove effective. In your bathroom, white lights can make makeup application more accurate. Likewise, in storage rooms, white light can provide more of a utilitarian look. However, warmer lights, such as yellows and light orange, can transform a room by bringing out richer hues in your surroundings.  Bathing your space in a warm golden light is a good idea for your bedroom for example, as it will create a mood of calm and relaxation. So when you’re purchasing a lamp, don’t neglect to consider the color of the bulb you’ll place within it.


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