4th of July DIY Treats and Party Decorating Ideas.

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4th of July DIY Treats and Party Decorating Ideas


4th of July DIY treats and party decorating


4th of July is a fun filled weekend, that celebrates the rich and diverse history of this country, through food and family gatherings. If you’re hosting a 4th of July party, then you may be inclined to decorate your home, and offer a range of 4th of July themed treats to your guests. This year, instead of filling your shopping cart with hotdogs and paper flags - why not try something new?


Here, we’ve conveniently compiled a selection of simple decorating ideas you might enjoy.  We have also included a few fun and healthy DIY treats ideas that you could easily whip up in 30 minutes or less. We hope our combination of homemade recipes and easy to make decorations that will bring a touch of novelty and entertainment to your 4th of July party.


Healthy and delicious 4th of July DIY treats:


Party food is half the fun of 4th of July, and just about everyone looks forward to savory barbeques and chilled salad bars at parties. Here below, we’ve compiled a selection of unusual and delightful sweet treats, that will pair perfectly with your Independence day menu.


Fruit sparklers:


4th of July fruit sparklesrs


Fruit sparklers are fun, healthy and visually delightful. To make them you will need:

  • your fruit of choice
  • plastic or wooden sticks
  • melted chocolate or warmed frosting
  • edible sprinkles, ideally in the colors of blue, red and white


Simply skewer the slices of your favorite fruit onto the plastic sticks, and dip the fruit into melted chocolate or warmed frosting.  You can then dip the sticky frosted end into the edible sprinkles. Ideally, you would choose fruit that can be cut into long chunks. Bananas and papaya have worked well for us. Bananas work especially well with peanut butter frosting.  Another tasty alternative, suggested by shape.com and featured on the photo, combines mango slices with melted chocolate and sprinkles.



4th of July flag cake or cupcake:


4th of July flag cupcakes


Flag cakes are a popular choice for 4th of July parties, and for a good reason. You can easily make your own Flag cake by covering a cake sheet with white frosting, and then creating the American flag by sprinkling blue and red fruits on top of it.


There is a huge array of fruits for you to choose from, but conventionally, partygoers tend to opt for blueberries and strawberries as their best source of color. Of course, those of you who prefer your cake fruit-free can use colored frosting instead of fruit.


Tip: Make this a fun family activity by inviting your kids to participate.



Cake pops:


Cake pops are delicious and very popular among children and younger guests. To make them, simply cut a cake into small bites, place onto skewers and dip each on in frosting and small edible decorations. Be sure to select themed colors in blue, red and white. Cake pops are wonderfully simple to decorate, easy to serve, and provide a colorful selection of sweet treats for your friends and family to enjoy.



Quick and Easy DIY Decoration Ideas


Independence day is the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and showcase your artsy flair. Whether you choose to buy ready-made decorations and artfully place them throughout your home, or you choose to make your own, there are many ways for you to have fun with decorating your home for this special occasion: 



Independence day wreaths:


While wreaths are typically associated with Christmas, many avid decorators turn to them on the 4th of July too. Wreaths are easy to decorate, quick to hang, and will make an impactful statement in a sparsely decorated area. Plenty of stores sell 4th of July wreaths, and if you opt to buy one, consider hanging it from your front door or back gate as a means to welcome your guests.


4th of July DIY patriotic wreath


If you love crafts, why not make your own 4th of July wreath? It’s a fun activity to enjoy on your own or with family. Most craft stores carry a variety of plastic, straw or styrofoam wreaths. To decorate them, simply find red, white and blue decorations that can be pinned or glued onto the wreath.  Some ideas include fabric scraps, fabric flowers, cupcake liners, shiny garlands, geometric candy and even colored clothespins.

  • Fabric flowers
  • Cupcake liners
  • Colored Clothespins
  • Edible geometric candy
  • Shiny garlands


For a more detailed tutorial and to get inspired, turn to southernliving.com, where you can replicate their fun filled project.



Unusual centerpieces:


Centerpieces are an easy and excellent way to decorate your table, be it a buffet or a sit down meal. Flower arrangements are an obvious choice, and certainly a classic way of decorating a space. However, you could turn to more unusual pieces for more impact and in an effort to create unique displays of patriotism and fun.


4th of July DIY Baseball Centerpiece


For instance, you could create your own unique centerpiece by filling several mason jars with red, white and blue candy. Look for different sized mason jars, and layer the candy within them. If you’re feeling particularly patriotic, you can place a tall paper flag into the jar, ensuring that its base is covered by the candy. Arrange the jars on the table in size order for maximum impact.


If candy doesn’t entice you, then perhaps an all-American sport themed table topper will. Popsugar.com shares some great 4th of July decorating ideas.  Be inspired by their brilliant 4th of July Baseball Centerpiece.



Patriotic Bunting:


Bunting is a classic 4th of July decoration, and it’s hard to go wrong with this tradition. In terms of ideas you can of course opt for the conventional American flag bunting, and hang it from tree to tree in your yard, or from light fixture to light fixture in your living room.



If you’re feeling particularly inspired, then why not create your own bunting? With a little time and dedication, you can create your very own flag or ribbon bunting, that will showcase your creative talents and highlight your commitment to hosting.


Ribbon bunting (also called streamer garland) is a common, visually stunning decoration that is easy to create and reusable in the future. If you’re looking of a full tutorial, popusgar.com offers easy to follow instructions.



We hope you enjoyed our 4th of July decoration and treats ideas.  Share your own favorites in the comments below!


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