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Back to school teacher gifts - Stylish Gift Decor blog


It’s that time of the year again!


We can't believe it’s back to school time. For most, this is an exciting time of year. New clothes and school supplies - there’s nothing like the smell of a fresh box of crayons!  Of course, like any parent, you want your child to make a great first impression on the new teacher. And what better way to do this than with a special gift?

After all, teachers are overworked and underpaid. Their classroom budgets are usually stretched to the max, and they may struggle to find the right supplies. So why not help them out with some gifts that they could really use? Many of our favorites gifts, that most teachers seem to love, come straight from our collection at Stylish Gift Decor.


Gifts for teacher - Stylish Gift Decor blog.


One gift is our tote bag. Every teacher needs a good tote bag, as they have lots of books and papers to carry to and from school. Our personalized Metro Tote ‘Em Bag is ideal. This sturdy canvas bag will hold heavy loads, especially as your teacher carries it back and forth, and the black bottom keeps it looking clean and tidy. What’s more, everyone will know it’s the teacher’s bag, thanks to their bold initial printed on the front. These totes are so handy, you may consider one for yourself while you're ordering it!


Personalized tote bag for teacher featured on Stylish Gift Decor's blog.


Another gift we’re sure your teacher will love is one they'll see every day on their desk. Our Beaded Antique Round Box will sit front and center on the teacher’s desk, and will provide some much needed organization. This box is perfect for tucking away almost anything – from paper clips, to change for the snack machine.  You can personalize it with a monogram of the teacher’s name, or a special message, and your teacher will then have a lovely reminder of your thoughtfulness to look at every day.



Gifts for teacher: beaded antique box featured on Stylish Gift Decor blog.


Both of these gifts are under $35, which is well within most family budgets. The tote and the beaded box are practical, considered gifts that are also wonderfully decorative. Your child is sure to delight their teacher, and lighten the mood on the first day back from summer, by presenting either of these wonderful presents.


In addition to either of these gifts, your teacher may also appreciate a personalized accessory to wear or use each day. These are very thoughtful gifts, that can become a part of their lives outside of school too, which makes the presents all the more meaningful. As male teachers are on the rise, your child may be taught by a man this year. If this is the case, you may consider our personalized Clip On Watch with Hinged Cover and Strap. This clip on watch can be looped onto belt hoops, and used for all the time keeping tasks that teachers face throughout their days. The hinged lids can be engraved with a special message or a set of 3 initials.


Gifts for teacher - personalized clip on watch featured on Stylish Gift Decor's blog


If your child is under the instruction of a female teacher, then you may consider gifting her with our personalized Star Shaped Jewelry Box. This is your teacher’s very own little star sticker, perfect for protecting watches and jewelry. This flocked cloth box can also be used for organizational purposes, and your teacher can use it for pins and post-its on their school desk too. For a more thoughtful touch, you may consider personalizing the box with a message or your teacher’s name.


Teachers value creativity, and receiving handmade gifts from their students can feel truly rewarding. Therefore, when presenting a gift to their teacher, your child may also consider handing them a homemade card. Your child can create their own card with very few supplies, and their imagination can transform a piece of card and a set of crayons into a truly wonderful creation.


Star shaped box featured on Stylish Gift Decor's Gifts for Teacher Blog.


However, if you’re looking to explore a more complex project, then you may consider helping your child design a pop up card. Pop up cards easy to make, and are very impactful when given alongside a gift. Using simple folding techniques and colorful cardboards you and your kids can create some very impressive pop up cards. If you’re stuck for ideas, or unsure of how to begin, then head on over to Oh Happy Day’s wonderful tutorial.


Also, if you're into #DIY projects, we're pretty impressed with Julia B's Pinterest board:  Celebrate - Back to School & Teacher Gifts. She has some really creative and cute ideas we think you'll like too. You should check them out, and definitely not shy away from projects that you feel may exceed your child’s ability. Challenging kids before they begin school can be a great way to ease them into the demands of their everyday lessons.


Whatever you choose to gift your teacher, we hope you and your family enjoy another fun and educational year at school. Stylish Gift decor is proud to serve families, and provide a wide range of gifts that your teachers are sure to enjoy. And remember, when the end of the year rolls around (when this year inevitably flies by) we’ve got you covered for ‘thank you’ gifts too.


Have a great year!


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