The Benefits of Having a Great Mirror

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The benefits of having a great mirror

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It may be easy to underestimate the importance of owning a great mirror but you shouldn’t. Mirrors play an essential role in the aesthetics of your home by helping you enlarge spaces and add much needed light to dark corners - a quality which is invaluable when decorating smaller properties.


In addition, a great mirror can help boost your self-esteem! As the selfie culture thrives, researchers have invested time and resources into understanding the benefits of taking an awesome selfie. From our understanding, taking a great selfie can boost your confidence, promote a positive body image and brighten your outlook on life!


It’s no secret that the key to the perfect selfie is an excellent mirror. For this reason, we’ve chosen to celebrate mirrors today, and have outlined below some of the many benefits that decorative mirrors can provide:


Mirrors Are Practical


Mirrors are, above all, very practical. They help you get ready in the morning, choose the perfect outfit, and reflect the version of yourself that leaves your house every morning.


One of the best things about mirrors, however, is that while they’re practical, they can also be highly decorative. You can easily transform any interior by choosing the mirror that best complements your personality, or a desired mood you’d like to sustain.  


One of our favorite, highly decorative mirrors is the Penelope Blue and Green mirror - available exclusively from Stylish Gift Decor. The Penelope mirror features a highly ornate pattern, inspired by exotic nautical designs and will fit beautifully in any bedroom or bathroom. This is one example of how mirrors can enhance a space, while also adding a touch of style and decor to virtually any room in the house.


Penelope Blue and Green Mirror


Mirrors Make for Great Selfies


Why struggle with your front facing camera? Great mirrors make for beautiful selfies. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to either include your mirror’s frame in the shot (to frame your photo), or simply use the mirror itself as a means to take an awesome photo.


Selfies are, despite rumors to the contrary, a great way to boost your self-esteem. They are, after all, a way for you to celebrate your appearance and take a photo that reflects your best angle. Selfies are a fun, harmless way for you to take good photos of yourself - without the inconvenience of having to ask a friend or family member.

Virtually all of the mirrors at Stylish Gift Decor will help you take an awesome selfie. However, one of our favorite selfie mirrors is the colorful Yellow Baroque Mirror. It features a large, reflective surface and an extremely ornate frame. The Baroque will help you feel like a royal, which will only serve to enhance the quality of your image and further boost your confidence.


Mirrors Open Up Spaces


For years, interior decorators have created the illusion of space through the use of high quality mirrors. This is an awesome trick of the trade that you can certainly incorporate into your own home, particularly if you’re struggling to enhance a small or dark space.


Mirrors reflect light, which in itself makes a room or corner appear larger. Additionally, depending on the shape of your chosen mirror, you can also either lengthen or widen a room.


For example, by hanging our Wood Standing Mirror, available exclusively at Stylish Gift Decor, you can make rooms with low ceilings appear taller. This is because floor length mirrors give the illusion of height, by extending the surfaces they reflect.


Standing mirrors help you get ready in style

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Mirrors Reflect Personality


Mirrors are a basic necessity, and something that we rely on to help us begin and end our day. For this reason, most of us are sure to have at least one mirror in our respective homes - if not several.

For those of us who love to personalize our homes, and find meaning in the fixtures that we add to each room, a mirror can seem very impersonal. This is why we strongly believe that mirrors should reflect your style and personality. At Stylish Gift Decor, we value the importance of creating beautiful interiors, and suggest that decorating your home with meaningful accessories will help create an atmosphere of peace and serenity.


Our selection of mirrors cater to a huge variety of tastes and personalities. For instance, we carry a set of mirrors that cater to the more musically inclined. Our Jazz Mirrors set is shaped like string instruments and features a printed script on their surfaces. This is an excellent option for those wishing to reflect their personality through their passion for music.


The Jazz Mirrors set is perfect gift for music lovers.




Likewise, our Victorian inspired mirrors are an excellent option for avid lovers of Victorian design looking to channel their passion for the opulent through their selection of a mirror.



Mirrors: A Great Addition to the Home


Regardless of the style, size or nature of your property, it’s certain to benefit from the addition of a mirror. Mirrors are a great way to enhance a room, decorate a space and channel your passion and personality into your surroundings.


We at Stylish Gift Decor strongly recommend that you invest in a great mirror for your home - particularly if you’re looking to boost your confidence and approach each day with a newfound self-appreciation.



Readers, share your tips for taking a great selfie in the comments below.  We love to hear from you!


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