6 DYI Back to School Gifts

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Fun Back to School Gifts Teacher Will Love



Back to school is as tough on teachers as it is on kids.  No one wants the summer fun to end, but end it must. So why not help your child show their new teacher that they’re happy to be back, by creating a wonderful DYI back to school gift of appreciation? To help you help them, Stylish Gift Decor has developed a list of six great ideas, sure to please any teacher.


1. Tea Cup Planter

The DIY Network provides us with an excellent example of how to create an adorable teacup planter from old cups and saucers. This is a product that will encourage your child to recycle, while teaching them the value of reusing waste. It’s also a relatively simple task, fit for kids of ranging abilities. 

 With a little help from Mom or Dad, your child can easily create a planter, filled with soil or pebbles. They can then add a small plant for their teacher to enjoy throughout the school year. The benefit of using tea cups, is that they’re small and compact, which makes carrying the gift to school a simpler task for your kids.


DIY Tea Cup Planter


2. Tea Cup Candle

If you’re loving the Tea Cup Planter, then this idea by Pretty Prudent will definitely appeal to you. This unique project, which also takes advantage of preloved cups, allows both you and your family to turn old mugs and aging cups into beautiful new candles!

Once again, this project will require a helping hand from Mom or Dad, but the finished product will prove to be a beautiful gift that your child’s teacher will cherish for many years. It also gives your child room for creativity, by allowing them to choose the color of the wax, and the variation of old cup.

If you have a series of cups available for use, then consider creating an assortment or bouquet of candles for your child’s teacher, by filling each cup with different colored wax.


DIY Tea Cup Candle - Teacher's Gifts


3. Customized Mason Jar

Another easy and cute DIY gift project, ideal for teachers, is a customized mason jar. To begin with, you can fill the finished product with flowers, and use the jar as a vase- easily presented to teachers. However, this is a considerate present, as it will give teachers a new pot in which to carry their coffee or lunches throughout the year.

The idea that you can give your child the freedom to jazz up the mason jar, by adding inexpensive alphabet magnets for example, is all the more endearing. By allowing your child to add a little bow and cute greeting, you can truly show their appreciation to their teacher, and create a more personalized experience that will ultimately prove more memorable.



4. Alphabet Letter Container

Most teachers love organization almost as much as they love education, which makes this Alphabet Letter Container the perfect gift for a teacher. The box will help teachers keep their desks tidy, and provide a safe place for them to store little items, easily lost throughout the day.

For example, the Alphabet Letter Container doubles as a great place to store paper clips, rubber bands, pins, staples and more. Our friends at Willowday provide easy to follow instructions for creating your own clay letters, which can also be placed safely inside this adorable container.

This is a great task for kids who prefer a more hands on project, as it allows your children to enjoy molding clay, in an educational process that combines lots of different skills. It’s suited to a range of abilities, provided you guide less experienced kids carefully through each step.


DIY Alphabet Container - Teacher's Gifts


5. DIY Edible Gifts

Edible gifts are always a hit, particularly for teachers who prove difficult to shop for. In lieu of this, we bring you the Food Network's incredible idea: Rosemary Bread in a Flowerpot. This is the holy grail of gifts, as it combines two teacher favorites: baked goods and flowers.

This gift hybrid encourages you and your kids to bake the rosemary bread directly into a small clay pot, and then wrap the pot with a bow. To top off the present, the Food Network also suggests that you include a packet of rosemary seeds for planting. These could be used by the teacher at home, particularly if they have little gardens or herb corners. This gift is an excellent way to introduce your child to some simple baking techniques, such as kneading, while creating a wonderful and memorable present.


DIY Edible Gifts - Back to School Teacher's Gifts



6. DIY Spa Day

Surprise your child’s teacher with a homemade body scrub, designed to help them relax and unwind after a long day at work.  The Wellness Mama's blog offers simple instructions, recipes and ideas for variety of scrubs and exfoliators.

One of our personal favorites is the sugar scrub, scented with rosemary and mint, that will truly be appreciated by energetic teachers who exude a liveliness well matched to mint. This is just one of the many scents you can create, and for the calmer and sweeter teachers, you may choose to opt for a cinnamon or vanilla scented scrub.

To add the finishing touches to this gift, try decorating and labeling the jar with your kids. This will help you create thoughtful gift, suited not only to your child’s teacher, but to anyone!


DIY Spa Day - Back to School Teacher's Gifts





Readers: Share your favorite DIY gift ideas in the comments below.  We love to hear from you!


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