12 Fabulous Garden Decorating Tips and Ideas

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12 Fabulous Garden Decorating Tips and Ideas



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Gardens are a wonderfully natural corner of your home, and a place for you to relax in nature, while enjoying the outdoors. However, much like the rest of your house, gardens require maintenance- and there can be lots of fun to be found in decorating them.  There are both functional and purely decorative additions that you can add to your outdoor space, in an effort to revitalize your garden, and rediscover the beauty of your yard once again. We have chosen the following 12 ideas to help you achieve a fabulous garden atmosphere:



1. Find the right tools


Gardening is an activity that requires the right tools, as poor equipment can hinder your performance. Therefore, before you begin decorating your garden, make a list of what you will need and ensure that you select the right tools. Even more, there’s no reason why your tools can not be decorative in themselves. Fun and trendy garden tools you will make the time you spend in the garden even more enjoyable.  Make a trip with your kids to the local home improvement store and browse the variety of garden tools it offers.  Aim for specific colors and designs that will complement your garden theme.


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2. Play with nature


Gardens are natural space, where the elements come in to play, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them to enhance your yard. Wind chimes, for example, are one of the greatest garden decor accessories and come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. They use the wind to create beautiful sounds and movement and help create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Add a burst of shapes and colors by choosing a summery, vibrant wind chime, or have fun with your kids making your own, unique wind chimes – stay tuned for bright, DIY ideas on our blog.



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3. Prioritize functionality


When decorating your garden, you should consider the functionality of your decorations. Planters are an excellent way for you to revamp your garden, while providing a space for you to put plants, and to grow various saplings.

Planters come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, making them the ideal decorative accessory not only for the summery outdoors, but also for your interior spaces all year long.

Being varied and beautiful, outdoor pots and planters are both functional and highly aesthetic. Create your green paradise by choosing designs that will enhance your current landscape theme.


Sea horse planter by Stylish Gift Decor


4. Make the most of color


Color is incredibly important in a garden, and if you’re a person that prefers monochrome and uniform colors indoors, then your outdoor space is truly a place for you to unleash your imagination.

Colors attract wildlife, create a vibrant atmosphere and help contribute to the beauty of nature. Vibrant colors in particular, such a red and green, are particularly effective in ensuring that your outdoors space is buzzing with wildlife. Many outdoor decorations are available in fabulous colors, which makes this an easy task for you.



5. Add animal themed decorations


What’s more natural than animals? Animal themed decorations are the perfect addition to a garden, and they’re not in short supply. There are plenty of animal statues that you can add to your garden, and these sculptures will help revolutionize your outdoor space into a relaxing corner, in tune with nature. Our colorful birds statue sculpture garden decoration, for example, are a set of beautiful birds that would sit primly in your yard.



Bird statues - Garden blog



6. Consider the evenings


Summer evenings are warm and gorgeous, although as the light fades, it can be difficult for you to truly enjoy your garden. For this reason, you should consider the evenings by incorporating lighting, in various forms. This could range from candles to artificial lamps and stylish lanterns.  You could also consider adding outdoor string lights – these can be stunning and will greatly compliment a garden party with your friends.  Choose classy, neutral tones or colors that compliment your particular outdoor theme.



7. Maximize space


If you have a smaller outdoor space, there are a few excellent ways to maximize what you do have.  Use your imagination to create the illusion of small places appearing larger. 


Create depth in your garden by adding stepping stones to grass surfaces that are flat, or increase contrast by playing with scale and mixing large decorations with smaller pieces. For example, opt for one large feature, and then select a set of smaller decorations to scatter around. The large feature, which could be a sculpture for example, will help draw attention. The smaller decorations will help make your small space look larger, and increase availability for play and relaxation. You could also play with shapes by mixing square forms with round designs, which will help you further in creating the illusion of a larger space.



8. Pay attention to texture


Nature is full of textures, and natural diversity can be continued throughout your garden, particularly if you choose textured decorations. Our Haswell Planter for example, is covered by a layer of ceramic petals, which gives it a varied and highly textured appearance. This would contrast nicely in a paved patio, or on a grass yard.



9. Make it edible


Why not extend your garden into your kitchen? Using planters to grow herbs, spices and lettuces can be a great way to make your outdoor space a place for food. What’s more, many herbs and spices are actually incredibly decorative, and can add a lot of color and variety to a garden. A decorative pot like the Basil Herbs Pot set for example, is a great way to grow herbs in style.  


Basil pots - Garden decor ideas blog



10. Choose distinctiveness


Your garden is an excellent place for you to express yourself, and unleash your individuality of style. Unlike other parts of your home, your outdoor area is a little less in your control, and while you can manicure your lawn- you can also enjoy nature’s unruliness by adding a touch of eclectic style yourself. Break away from the norm with decorative accessories that feature uncommon, yet fabulous elements.



11. Consider your theme


As with decorating any space, if you decide on a theme, then you can help make the area appear more uniform and considered. Deciding on a theme could be as simple as choosing a pattern, color scheme or material. For example, you may choose to incorporate a metal theme into your garden, and use only metal planters, wind chimes, sculptures and table/chair sets. Get even more specific by deciding on whether to go with gold or silver plated metal accents. Wood is another great choice for the outdoors, while ceramics are more versatile and can be used outdoors as well as indoors all year round.



12. Create a cozy dining area


Gardens and outdoor spaces are excellent places to dine in the summer with your family and friends, so when redesigning your yard, consider incorporating a dining area. Choose an area that is appropriate for your available space and set your table and chairs accordingly. Add lights, colorful plants and decorative objects to create a lovely place for al fresco dining.




Garden lovers: share your decorating tips with us in the comments below.  We love to hear from you!




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