Gifts for Kids: Fabric 101 Guide.

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Gifts for kids: fabric 101 guide - Stylish Gift Decor Blog



Many parents will concern themselves with the materials used in the production of their toddler’s clothes, and in particular how it will affect their child.  After all, babies and toddlers have delicate skin that can be easily irritated by fibers and chemicals used in today’s manufacturing methods.


In this blog article we will give you the information and tools you need to make an informed decision.  While some parents are very well versed on the types of fabrics used in their children’s clothes, many understandably aren’t.


As a family oriented brand, we at Stylish Gift Decor understand the importance of remaining safety conscious while also remaining realistic. For this reason, we have compiled the following brief tutorial on fabrics used in our Gifts for Kids clothing products. In this Fabric 101 guide, we’ve listed the major materials used in our toddler dresses and shortalls, in an effort to provide parents with total transparency.  We want to help you navigate the world of fabric lingo as you continue to admirably provide the best for your baby or toddler.


Main materials used in our Gifts for Kids clothing:


Our toddler gifts range is diverse and varied, particularly where clothing is concerned. We are constantly expanding our children’s collection to offer many different products with lots of different materials, allowing parents freedom of choice and seemingly endless possibilities.


However, without fail, most toddler dresses and shortalls on our site will feature an element of ‘pique’, ‘sash’, ‘gingham’ and ‘corduroy’. All four of these materials are used because of their delicate nature, decorative aesthetic and affordability. Looking at each of them in more detail, you’ll find that they’re a perfect choice for your children’s clothing:


Pique Fabric


Pique fabric (pronounced “pee-kay” fabric) is a woven material traditionally made from cotton. Any parent who regularly sports polo or golf shirts will be familiar with this fabric, and the name Pique simply refers to the weaving method used to create it.


Polka dot pique dress for kids - Stylish Gift Decor Blog


As this material uses finely woven cotton in its production, it’s perfectly suited to younger customers. The three-dimensional nature of the weave will also give children more freedom to move, as it is both stretchy, and cooling during playtime.


Parents can rest assured that this material can be manipulated in so many ways, that not all dresses and shortalls made from pique will appear ‘sporty’ as such. In fact, many of our more elegant toddler options are made from this material and share few similarities with a polo shirt or sports outfit, if any.




Corduroy has, throughout many generations, proved a favorite for baby clothes - and for a good reason. Corduroy is made from tufted cord fabrics, that are woven to create little ridges with gaps in between.


This is a very long lasting material, resistant to the rips and tears that toddlers will regularly subject their clothing to, particularly as they learn to walk and move independently.


For example, in terms of practicality, the corduroy dresses offered in our Toddler Gifts collection are ideal for the cooler in-between seasons of fall and spring. While they don’t offer the same warmth as wool, they certainly offer more insulation than a linen or synthetic dress. Girls’ dresses made from corduroy are a durable, practical and attractive option for active little toddlers.


Pique dress for kids in pink, Stylish Gift Decor blog.




Gingham is viewed by many as a ‘checkered’ material, because of its traditionally checked design. Made from cotton, this fabric is a soft and neutral option for toddlers and babies, particularly as most industrial processes thoroughly wash yarn before making Gingham. This means that the material remains free from any chemical residues used in treating the fabric, and is also free from the ‘greasy’ feeling often associated with traditional Gingham.


Gingham is a popular choice for parents looking to add a little variety to their toddler’s closet, but who aren’t particularly interested in bold patterns or colors. As Gingham is a very traditional material, with a very subdued and elegant print, this is the perfect option for parents with more muted tastes. Our gingham dresses and shortalls are perfect for your child to wear on a special occasion, letting him or her move freely while looking elegant.




Many of our toddler dresses will feature a Sash, and this is a term used to describe a large fabric belt, typically worn at the waist or midsection. Traditionally made from satin, although available in many different materials, a Sash is used to tie together an outfit- and little girls will often delight in this finishing touch.


Sashes are normally associated with royalty, and many toddlers that interest themselves in princess themed toys will take a liking to dresses with Sashes. As a Sash is used as an overlay on children’s clothing, it won’t touch your child’s skin directly, and therefore shouldn’t really be a concern to parents.


Nonetheless, satin and other silky materials used in Sash production are typically very soft and soothing, so if your child does choose to wear the sash on the bare skin- then you should rest assured that this is perfectly acceptable.


Red corduroy sash dress for girls, Stylish Gift Decor Blog.


Our main priority:


We at Stylish Gift Decor make your comfort and wellbeing our main priority. We hope that this guide has given you a good insight into the materials used in our toddlers’ clothing collection.


We will continue to add information to this guide as we continue to expand our children’s gifts collection with the introduction of new products and materials.


If you find yourself in any way curious or concerned about the nature or quality of our products (or simply wish to find out more about a potential purchase) please remember that we are only a click or phone call away.


Navy shortall for toddler, Stylish Gift Decor blog.


As you know, quality is our top priority and we choose our products with care, love, and the interest of your family in mind.


We hope you enjoy shopping with us, knowing that our gifts for kids were created to enhance the quality, and fun, of your little one’s wardrobe!


Parents: share your comments and experiences below.  We love hearing from you!


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