How to create a gallery wall

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How to create a gallery wall


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In today’s world, it’s all about impressing someone. They can be your family, your friends, your significant other, even your kids because they need to know they have a cool parent. With most aspects of yourself, you can improve and present the best version of yourself to the world. And one of these ways is how you present your house. A gallery wall is one of those things that allow homeowners to add a bit of character to their otherwise plain dwellings. It shows your artistic side along with allowing you to express your creativity. It will allow you to set yourself apart from the rest and up your home decor and wall decor game. Though you can put anything you like on a gallery wall, there are some guidelines to follow to make sure that the end result is a good one. Think of it as a wall decor crash course. Here’s how you would do it:



First rule of wall decor is to decide what you want to put on the wall. Family photos, your kids’ artwork or some personalized wall art are some safe bets. Use a large piece as a center point and then surround with smaller pieces. Use some picture frames as well, they add character to the display. It would bode well if you laid down the arrangement on the floor to see how it looks, before you put it up on the wall.



Get the proper tools for the job. A hammer, some nails, pencil, tape measure and a level should be the basic necessities for the job. Use the pencil to mark out the spots where everything will go before putting it on. Use the level to make sure everything is in place and according to your arrangement.



Provided you have gone through the aforementioned steps, you can now move on to actually hanging the pieces on the wall. The order should be biggest to smallest, start with the biggest piece and place it in the middle and then move on the smaller pieces progressing to the smallest.


Numbers are your friends:

It bodes well when you have some key measurements in minds when you’re placing things around on your gallery wall. Make a sort of a system, this particular piece will go at this particular place, at this much distance from the floor, for example. Having solid numerical measurements help in bringing order and organization in your wall decor.


The Little Things:

The key to great home decor is that sometimes, less is more. Meaning that sometimes you don’t have to make some huge changes for a gallery wall to look good; sometimes some small changes help as well. For example, instead of putting your favorite photograph as it, have it altered and display it in black and white. It adds a nice bit of character to what is your favorite memory. Experiment! Even if you do have a solid plan in mind, don’t be afraid to change it. Let your creativity flow, sometimes little changes can make your planned wall decor look even better.

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