Kids’ Party 101: How to Throw a Great Children's Birthday Party

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For many children, parties present themselves as an opportunity to socialize, to impress their classmates and above all to have fun. As parents, kids’ parties may present themselves as total chaos and a subtle pressure to perform well for their child. The good news, is that it’s really easy to entertain young children, and therefore very simple to give your kid a great party. The other good news is that most kids will love whatever you offer them, provided there’s adequate snacks and activities. So the pressure is off!


Below, we at Stylish Gift Decor have outlined a basic guide to throwing a great children’s party that we think parents will love. As times have changed, kids have learnt to expect different things from parties, so your perspective may be a little dated. For this reason, we’ve also included expert advice and pro tips to bring you up to scratch.


Choose a theme


This is widely disputed among parents, but the consensus seems to be that a themed party is best for so many reasons. For one, it makes decorating really simple. If you choose a ‘Frozen’ theme, then you can buy the appropriate merchandise, and decorate your room or outdoor space with snowflakes, princess gear and winter ornaments. It also makes food much easier to buy or make.


Choosing the entertainment is also made much simpler by a theme. It can be difficult to choose activities for kids to participate in, or entertainers for children to watch, if you have no direction. However, if you have a theme, kids will appreciate the entertainer regardless because it’s part of ‘the experience’.


Don’t underestimate the power of good entertainment


Kids’ parties can feel unending, and most parents would agree that entertainment is key, if nothing else because it gives adults a moment of respite during the day. More importantly, however, it also helps the children stay interested and makes the whole party seem more fun.


Depending on your budget, the age of your child and your child’s personal interests- there are different activities and entertainment options for you to choose from. A popular entertainment option for parents are clowns or magicians. Many kids also enjoy a visit from their favorite Disney Princess or cartoon character. If your child likes music, they may appreciate a local, child friendly musician performing a short set.


If live entertainment isn’t feasible for you, then this is no problem at all. Kids’ are really good at entertaining themselves, providing you offer them games and supplies, and activities that are a great alternative to live performances.


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Easy activities are key


It’s important that you don’t get too carried away with your activities, as the key to success is to keep games simple. Younger children, under the age of 5, will typically either want a play area with blocks and toys or (if they’re closer to 5) some easy music related activities. ‘Musical bumps’ is a great option for younger children.


Older kids are now firmly in the technology generation, and will therefore expect something really captivating. However, there’s nothing more rewarding than making 5 to 10-year-old truly enjoy traditional party games. ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ is always hilarious, and ‘Pass the parcel’ is great fun too.


A note to parents: older kids have much more energy now. It’s therefore critical that you organize games that involve lots of exercise and movement, including races and challenges. If you choose exclusively craft related activities, then kids are likely to misbehave. All that energy has to go somewhere!


Favor the party favors


Kids are never too old for party favors, and giving guests a little welcome or goodbye gift is a thoughtful and considerate gesture. It’s also a really fun opportunity to get your kid thinking creatively. Party favors are an area that your child will be expert in, so ask them what they would like to find in a little goody bag, and then work together to help make this a reality.

Themes can definitely make creating party favors that much simpler, as they give you some direction. Having a theme allows you to choose gifts that complement it. However, this isn’t essential, and your theme could simply be ‘Birthday Party’.


If you’re throwing a relatively small party, or you have a large budget, then you may consider giving each child a personalized gift as a party favor. We at Stylish Gift Decor offer a selection of adorable children’s gifts, including different and customizable Crayon Keepers for kids. These gifts can be monogrammed with each child’s name, and will help enhance the party experience by creating a very memorable and thoughtful moment.


Alternatively, you may consider helping your child write personalized ‘Thank you’ notes to place in each bag. This has the same effect, and is a heartwarming way to end the day.


Put your kid first


It can be tempting to a throw a party that will impress other children and parents, but ultimately, your child should take precedence as this is their party. Therefore, no matter how quirky or weird their interests are, you should work to reflect their personality in the party. Most children are pretty self-assured, and confident in what they like. Therefore, the easiest way to ensure that your kid is happy, is to ask them what would make them happy.


Above all, enjoy the experience, and enjoy making lasting memories with your kid!

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