Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most captivating home of all?

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the most captivating home of all?

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If you’re redecorating your home, it’s unlikely that you’ll spend much time agonizing over what mirrors to choose. However, mirrors can prove extremely powerful, particularly if you’re interested in perfecting the art of office or home décor. Renowned interior designers worldwide strategically choose and place mirrors throughout homes, in the interest of giving the illusion of space, and to bring light to darker rooms.

What’s more, many homeowners often opt for functional mirrors, that provide aesthetic value as well as practical uses. However, in a market flooded by creativity, the available choice on offer can prove overwhelming. For this reason, we at Stylish Gift Decor have carefully selected a range of beautiful mirrors, to help make the process a little simpler for you, and to help ensure that your home is the most captivating of all.



Choose wisely


Mirrors are often regarded as functional features, particularly in bathrooms. The mentality seems to be that you need a mirror, to use for makeup or beauty routines, so you should opt for clean lines and simple designs. But mirrors can do so much more than fulfill their function, as they can decorate your room too. Decorative mirrors can double as wall art, which means that they’re not only lightening darkened spaces and making the room appear larger, but they’re also adding an element of décor to the room too.



Piper round mirrors featured on Stylish Gift Decor Blog


For this reason, when choosing your mirror, it’s important that you consider the décor of your overall home. View your mirror as a piece of art, that you need to match to your choice of design, and don’t be tempted to use it as too much of an ‘odd’ piece. Mirrors work subtly, by reflecting light and opening up smaller spaces, so if your mirror is too distracting, then it won’t function as effectively.


A good rule to follow, recommended by interior designers, is to match your mirror to the color scheme of the room it’s intended for. If you have a more modern home, with cool shades and lots of pale colors, then consider opting for metallic details or surfaces. With most modern mirrors, the detail lies in the choice of metal coating, and a silvery mirror will match whites, blacks, grey and slates, while a hint of bronze or gold will nicely contrast them. The 16 Round Shaped Balls mirror perfectly illustrates this, for example, by providing a metallic detail to a modern room.



Consider the frame


The secret to do-it-yourself home décor often lies in the details of a house, and mirror frames are the perfect place to showcase your attention to detail. When choosing a mirror, you need to consider how the frames will fit into your room, and choose the pattern or design with careful consideration. If you have a more traditional home with darker features and lots of wood, then you should opt for a larger, darker frame that fits a wide mirrored surface.



School Fish mirror, Stylish Gift Decor blog.


A rich, dark leather or wood frame can really accentuate a traditional room and add a touch of authenticity to your office or home décor. For example, the Wood Leather Mirror Round combines both of these features, making it the perfect addition to a traditional room. The large mirrored surface can also help maximize the space availability, as well as project more light into shadier rooms. This allows you to reap both the design and functional benefits of a mirror.


However, if you house is very minimalistic and simple, then you may consider opting for a decorative mirror with a thin yet bold colored frame or patterned frame. This will add significant interest to your room, but not detract from the mirror’s surface, which will work to provide the illusion of space.



Place it strategically


Depending on the size of mirror you choose, you may need more or less wall space, which is why placing your mirror on the emptiest wall may seem like the best option. However, for those that value home design, this often isn’t the best way forward. Instead of choosing the roomiest wall, look for the darkest wall, and place the mirror (or mirrors) there if possible. This will help project light and make the room appear larger overall.


If you’re opting for a series of mirrors, such as the Covington Set of 7 Wall Mirrors or the Marietta Wall Mirrors for example, then try and centralize them if possible. Placing mirrors in the middle of a large wall will help attract both natural and artificial light streaming from three different angles, which will maximize space availability. If you have other mirrors in your office or home, then consider mixing and matching by spreading the set alongside other mirrors to create a featured wall. This is both visually stunning and intelligent in terms of maximizing light.



The Marietta Wall Mirrors set, Stylish Gift Decor blog.


Geometry is key


Mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes, and geometry is key to maximizing your room, so consider the shape of your mirror before purchasing. For rooms with high ceilings, you should typically avoid long thin frames and opt for either horizontal or large, round mirrors instead. This will help widen the room, and prevent your mirror from elongating the walls even further. The Chic Mirror Wall Hook is a great example of a horizontal mirror that can widen a room, and provide a functional element too, through its useful hooks.


For rooms with lower ceilings or less space, however, you should opt for streamlined mirrors that can be hung vertically, such as the Iznik Tapestry mirror. This will help give the illusion of taller ceilings, and will help de-clutter crowded spaces.


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