Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the Home

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Top 10 Christmas gifts for the home


Shopping for Christmas gifts can be challenging at times.  However, most friends and family would welcome beautiful additions for their house - and personalized accessories to beautify their homes with.


We at Stylish Gift Decor understand the importance of Christmas, and have therefore outlined our top 10 Christmas gifts for the home, using high quality products on offer through our site as examples.  The suggested ideas will be also most welcomed as a host and hostess gift this holiday season.

Happy preparations!


1. Decorative Charger Plates


Decorative accessories are an excellent choice of gift for the home that is sure to please the host and hostess when attending a holiday party. They lack functionality, which helps you avoid buying friends or family duplicates of products they already have.  Decorative charger plates are an excellent gift suitable for a variety of special occasions.


We have a wide selection of decorative choices available at Stylish Gift Decor, but one of our absolute favorite accessories is the Blue Lotus Charger on Stand. This ceramic charger features a stunning blue and white lotus pattern, alongside a metal stand. This is an example of an effeminate product, that is both refined and elegant in its appearance, and would therefore also appeal to men in the home.




2. Decorative Clocks


Clocks are an excellent choice of Christmas gift. You can never have too many clocks, and they provide an element of both convenience and decoration. You should choose the clock depending on the tastes of the recipient, and if you’re unsure, we recommend you err on the side of caution by choosing simple designs and block colors.


One safe option for friends is our Studio Wall Clock. This clock measures 13h x 13w x 3.5d, in inches, and would therefore draw attention but not overwhelm a wall space. It features neutral shades of cream, white and gray, and offers an elegant yet very classic clock face. This is an excellent choice of gift for friends who tend to be picky, or for family who appreciate the value of timeless simplicity.


3. Decorative Vases


If you’re struggling to find an appropriate gift for a friend or acquaintance, then we recommend you peruse our selection of decorative vases. Vases are both multifunctional, and an excellent way to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Our Andean Multi Glaze Vases set is an excellent choice for those who value natural, organic designs. Made from 100% teak wood, this vase adds a touch of rustic design to the home, and is best suited to those who opt for natural themes in their living spaces.




4. Lighting accessories


Decorative lamps and lighting accessories are perfect as a gift during the holiday season.  Here, we’ve opted to include our breathtaking Suspension Bridge Candle Holder in this list, as a choice of gift for that one friend who values bold, eye-catching designs. Made from various metals, and measuring 30.5 inches in width, this candle holder is certainly a bold choice. It’s also a beautifully rustic, and highly unique take on a traditional light fixture- fit for those who value innovative designs and classic themes.


This candleholder doubles as both a source of light, and a wonderful sculpture. I’s therefore a very versatile choice of gift, which is particularly useful if you're struggling to decide between functionality or aesthetic.




5. Decorative mirrors


New year, new home! Many new homeowners move in around Christmas time, thanks to the long breaks and ending lease periods. For this reason, you may have a friend or family member looking to fill their new house with new, beautiful objects. 


Mirrors are an excellent choice of gift for homeowners, particularly mirrors for the bathroom, as they’re are usually an afterthought for those who have recently purchased furniture for the home. Our Penelope Blue and Green mirror is an excellent choice of luxury bathroom mirror. It features a classic colorful pattern and a large reflective surface, both of which are compatible with most design features.


6. Decorative Wall Art


Christmas is a period for reflecting on family, and the relationships we value most in life. For this reason, you may choose to inject a little symbolism into your gift giving, and offer gifts that hold some special meaning.


Our Lone Tree Metal Wall Art is an excellent choice of gift for a family member, who you regard as part of your ‘family tree’. It’s also a beautiful sculpture, that features a metallic body and rustic colored finishes.


7. Home accessories


If you’re attending a Christmas party, then you may be wondering what gift to take. After all, if this is a work colleague’s party, then you may not know them on a personal level.


For situations where you're unsure, we recommend gifting a home accessory product, particularly something like our Birch Bark Realistic Flame Luminaria Candle. This is a battery-operated candle, making it a safe addition to environments with children. It’s also a very innovative light fixture, that is highly realistic, and beautiful by design.


8. Personalized desktop accessories


Secret Santa is a real possibility in offices, and if you’re given a difficult man or woman to shop for, then the likelihood of you finding the perfect gift is reduced considerably.


From our personalized desktop accessories collection, we recommend our Specialty Black Pen with Crystals, particularly for an office party occasion. This is a classy, functional gift that can be personalized and is under $30, and is therefore within most Secret Santa budgets.


9. Personalized Totes


Female friends can be tricky to shop for, particularly if you want to opt for a small, symbolic gesture as opposed to a large gift. Our personalized totes, that can be purchased in various colors and with different names monogrammed on the front, are therefore an excellent choice of gift. They are convenient, low-key and a cute accessory to carry around.


10. Themed Wall Decor


If your father, or father in law, is proving a challenging task- then consider our themed wall decor accents.  For instance, our Sports Theme Wall Decor. This wall art is perfect for the ‘den’, and an excellent way to pay tribute to your special man’s love for sport.




Choosing Christmas gifts can prove challenging, particularly as you attempt to navigate your close circle of friends and family, and try to understand what gifts would match their tastes and interests. For these reasons, gifts for the home often present themselves as the safer choice, and one we hope you’ll consider!



Readers: Share your own Christmas gift ideas below.  We'd love to hear from you!


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