Top 10 Pokémon Inspired Crafts and Treats for Kids!

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Top 10 Pokémon inspired crafts and treats for kids, Stylish Gift Decor blog.


Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, by encouraging adults and children to enjoy the outdoors, while capturing their favorite Pokémon characters and competing in lighthearted battles. There are endless ways to benefit from Pokémon’s latest release, and creative parents are relishing in the opportunity to create fun Pokémon themed crafts with their children.


Below we’ve listed popular Pokémon inspired creations that we think you and your kids will love. All of these treats are perfectly suitable for your children, and with a little parental supervision, your kids can learn to enjoy the world of DIY through their favorite mobile app. Many of these tutorials can also be personalized, so that your family can add their own special twist to a fun project!


1. DIY Pokéball

Your kids will delight in the opportunity to create a real 3D Pokéball to take with them on excursions. Using Papier Maché, egg cartons and acrylic paint- you can quickly and easily construct a ball. This is a great creative opportunity for your kids to experiment with paint and paste, and a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. An excellent and convenient to follow tutorial can be found on the Kids Activities blog.


2. Pokéball cake

A fun and tasty treat for Pokémon fanatics is a ball themed cake. Kids and adults can frost rounded sponge cakes to create a Pokéball design using white, bright red, and black frosting. All you need is a simple, round shaped tin, a good sponge recipe and colored frosting. There are also stencils you can print online, to help the design appear more accurate.


3. Pokéball cookies

In similar fashion to the Pokéball cake, cookies are both fun and easy to decorate using a little Pokémon inspiration. Rounded sugar cookies can be coated in colored frosting, and decorated accordingly. Parents can opt to either bake the cookies, or purchase them pre-prepared from stores. A great tutorial and example of the final Pokéball cake can be found on the Cake Central website.

Pokémon cookies - Stylish Gift Decor blog.


4. Pokémon card

If your child has a birthday party approaching, or is simply looking to create a little wall art, then why not create a personalized Pokéball card? To create the card, simply fold a sheet of A4 paper in half, and cut the double card into a circle. This will create a foldable circle card, that can be colored and accessorized later. Kids can color the ball using the traditional Pokémon colors, or add a little personal flare, using other shades.


5. Ball clock

It’s Pokémon time! Create a simple, fun Pokémon clock by printing a Pokéball image onto a round piece of card or sticker paper (that can then be pasted onto a large acrylic circle). You can then either carefully pierce the card, or drill into the acrylic, and slot a basic battery operated clock into the back. Follow the same instructions for virtually any material that is circular and that can be decorated to feature the Pokémon design.


6. Cake pops

Cake pops are spherical by design, and therefore make great Pokéballs. To make Pokémon themed cake pops, paste black; red and white frosting onto your pre-prepared pops. You can also choose different colored sticks to add a little more flare to the project. For an easy to follow tutorial, look to The Kids Activities Blog where you can find a comprehensive rundown and step by step instructions. 


DIY Pokémon color-in crafts, Stylish Gift Decor blog.

7. Pokéball pizza

Bring a little Pokémon into the kitchen with a personalized, Pokémon pizza. Use pepperoni or cherry tomatoes to create the red side; mozzarella or pale cheese to create the white side and black olives to create the line and border. This is a fun and easy task for kids and families to enjoy, and the dough can either be made at home, or bought pre-prepared at a supermarket. For a quick and easy to follow tutorial, head on over to Geeokologie.

8. Pokémon CD bunting

Bunting is a fun and easy way to decorate a room or home. To add a touch of unique style to your bunting, try using plain CDs, and coloring them into Pokéballs using permanent markers. The CDs can then be strung together using yarn or thread, and hung from hooks on a wall, to create a shimmering set of bunting that will set any kid’s room alight.

9. DIY Coloring-in

Keep your kids busy with a DIY coloring-in project. Use one of many stencils available online, or draw your own stencil and photocopy it for multiple uses. This is a great way to spend some fun time and to entertain your kids, by allowing them to color in their personalized stencils using pencils, crayons or colored pens. If you’re looking to push your child a little further creatively, then you may consider allowing them to create their own stencil.


10 Pokemon inspired crafts and treats for kids - Stylish Gift Decor blog.

10. Pokéball balloons

Pokéball balloons are fun and quick to create. Simply purchase a set of white balloons, inflate them, and use permanent markers to create the Pokéball design. This is a great idea for kids’ parties, and also an excellent way to decorate bedrooms using temporary ornaments.


All of the above ideas are creative, entertaining and suited to children of all ages. Pokémon Go is about bringing families outside, and together. These crafts are an excellent way to encourage your children to work together or independently, but work creatively nonetheless. As with any project, all the above ideas are best completed when parent supervision is present and safety is put first!


Parents: share your favorite Pokémon activities and crafts in the comments below.  We want to hear from you!



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