Wedding Gift Etiquette: Wedding Gift or Gift Card?

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Wedding gift or gift card?  What is the correct gift to give the bride and groom?



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An actual gift, cash, or a gift card? Should you choose a gift from the registry or choose something more personal?  What is the correct wedding gift etiquette these days?  The rules change constantly, making it difficult for guests to find the right information, and act appropriately. Therefore, seeing as no one wants to knowingly commit a wedding faux pas, Stylish Gift Decor has put together a few easy to follow tips concerning wedding gift etiquette.


According to Emily Post, the expert on etiquette and manners, it has always been acceptable to give the bride and groom either cash or a check.  It is also now okay for the couple to let their guests know that gifts of money would be welcomed.  It is advised that couples also have another registry of gift choices set up for those that would prefer a more traditional gift option. Gift registries are very helpful, and many guests view registries as an efficient and enjoyable way to select a gift that the couple would like.


Many people believe that it’s necessary to purchase a gift that costs as much as what the hosts spend on each person at the wedding.  This is a myth that has caused a bit of anxiety for guests.  The amount you spend is strictly personal and should be a matter of your budget, in addition to what you think is appropriate based on your relationship with the bride and groom.  A good rule of thumb is spending anywhere between $50.00 and $200.00, whether you are giving a gift or opting for cash.


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Personalized gifts are also an excellent choice for couples. They are memorable, and welcomed by couples who would like to uniquely commemorate their special day. There are a range of gifts to choose from, including our Personalized Wedding Reception Canvas print, that will feature the name of the bride and groom - as well as the wedding date and a romantic "Happily Ever After" inscription. This canvas is an excellent choice of gift for a family member, who would have the ability to display it at the reception, and surprise the happy couple as they enter.


What about engagement parties and bridal showers?  Because the engagement party is usually just the first in a long, long line of gift giving parties, traditional gifts are usually not expected. However, many people choose to bring a small personal token for the bride and groom. Gag gifts are popular at engagement parties, but remember, the easiest gift of all is to give a sincere congratulation to the couple. Bridal showers usually require a separate gift, and opening the presents is one of the main events in a bridal shower.  Be sure to put some thought into your gift and choose something that will be memorable to all involved.


Choosing a gift for a newly married couple is also a common occurrence these days. Perhaps you couldn’t make the wedding, or they were unable to invite you, but you would still like to surprise them with a special gift. What should you do then? Do the circumstances merit a smaller gift? The size of your present is entirely circumstantial. As discussed above, the amount you spend and the nature of the gift should depend on your relationship with the couple. We find that most new couples are moving or planning to move shortly after their wedding. Therefore, a beautiful decorative accent for the home would be an excellent choice.


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If you’re searching for a decorative item to gift a newlywed couple, then you may consider our romantic Personalized “Because We Fell In Love” Canvas. This is a wonderful present to gift couples that defied the odds of geography, and fell in love despite being from different states. Each canvas can be personalized with the U.S state that each member of the couple was raised in, and an adorable dotted line with heart that links the two together. Couples who are firm believers in serendipity and the idea of fate will simply adore this gift, and the personalized element is sure to put a smile on their face.


Etiquette is constantly evolving, and what is socially acceptable today may change tomorrow. However, the above ideas are simple guidelines to follow, and will stay relevant well into the future. We find that many couples tend to favor personalized gifts, purely because they can be engraved or monogrammed to feature details relating to their special day. However, as a guest, you have virtually no limitations. Most couples will make suggestions, but allow you to choose whatever you feel comfortable choosing. Therefore, we encourage you to look through our website, and explore all of the wonderful options available through Stylish Gift Decor.


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Above all, it’s important to remember that most newlyweds are so caught up in the excitement and the romance of the day, that they will be grateful for any gift presented to them. You should, therefore, follow your intuition and pick whatever is most meaningful to you.


Readers: Share your wedding gift ideas with us in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you!


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